WebModules: Because accessibility does not always mean usability

The information is available, be it tedious or not to find and manipulate it.
One can work with it.

Because modern business web applications are too often an efficiency challenge for visually impaired users...

WebModules are web applications specific adaptations for a screen reader, somewhat similar to AppModules for thick client applications, but much easier to create and distribute.

WebAccess for NVDA brings WebModules support to NVDA, the popular open-source screen reader.

Web Access for NVDA

Download the add-on for NVDA (version 2019.04.11)

User documentation

Technical documentation

The project on GitHub

Coming soon...

This very web site is intended to become a portal for distributing WebModules and sharing information about their creation, use, and integration in real-life business success stories.

Volunteers appreciated!